Health Requirements Checklist

  1. A Minimum of 17 years of age
  2. Must hold current CPR Certificate
  3. Must possess Social Security or Tax I.D. Number
  4. Can speak, read and understand the English language
  5. Must arrange an appointment with admission who will confirm that eligibility requirements have been met and will issue a permit to take the entrance test
  6. Obtain background check clearance
  7. Social Security Card Photo Copy
  8. Picture for student ID badge
  9. Proof of legal residence.

Health Requirement Policy

Each student enroll in the certification program shall have a health examination which includes a medical history and physical examination, a purified protein derivative test for Tuberculosis, unless medical contraindicated.

All health examinations which include Physical Examination, TB TEST, and chest X-ray should be within 60 days prior to attending clinical

If a positive reaction is obtained, a chest x-ray shall be taken, unless medically contraindicated.

A report signed by the examiner shall indicate that the student does not have any health condition that would create a hazard to themselves, fellow employees or patient. This examination shall be completed and documented prior to the student having direct patient care contact in the clinical setting. This information shall be provided to the Nursing Facility prior to patient contact.


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